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The Nation’s Best Structured Settlement Provider

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Creative Approach

to Structured Settlements:

Ethics, Expertise, Experience

Creative Capital Inc. (CCI) is a nationwide Structured Settlement consulting firm and a founder of the structured settlement industry. For over forty years, our skilled team has partnered with clients to provide all manner of innovative solutions to achieve better settlements. Everything we do is driven by a strict code of ethics and the expertise and experience of an industry leader.


We’re keenly aware of ethical issues in settlements and lien resolution. As such, we run our company more like a law firm than an insurance agency. We present our Certificate of Reliability and Assurances (CORA) in every case to ensure its integrity to protect you and your client. 


Our expertise is second-to-none. Marty Jacobson, a former trial lawyer and CCI’s general counsel, leads our legal department. His leadership provides legal support across our entire national network. Morris Lener, one of the Industry’s leading structured settlement consultants heads CCI’s case negotiations team. 


As a trusted resource to the Bench & Bar, we have industry leading experience with everything from structured settlements and tax deferred attorneys’ fees to pre- and post-trial 50-A and 50-B calculations (in NYS), periodic judgment drafting (“Structured Settlement Services”). We also provide lien resolution and MSA analysis/allocation services though our sister company Precision Resolution.


So what does all of this mean for you? That’s simple. Our approach is built to put you and your clients’ needs first. That’s why all Structured Settlement Services are always Free of Charge.


Products and Services

Creative Capital will work with you to formulate solutions.

Our professionals have decades of experience in structured settlement consulting and are uniquely positioned to help facilitate the process. And if a settlement isn’t possible, no firm has more experience in crafting periodic judgments. As always, our products are always provided free of charge.

  • Structured Settlements

  • Attorneys' Fee Tax Deferrals

  • Alternative Settlement Solutions

  • Mediation & Negotiation

  • Periodic Judgments

  • Settlement Documents

  • Lien Resolution & MSA

  • CLE Programs

  • Case Studies

  • FAQ

Products & Services



CCI is the originator of the CORA structured settlement affidavit that protects clients from fraud and misrepresentation with a Certificate of Reliability and Assurances. Our affidavit ensures Plaintiffs, Defendants and courts receive the highest caliber of ethics and transparency on cases handled by CCI. No other structured settlement firm offers this level of accountability on every case.

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David Golomb, Esq.,
Golomb & Longo, PLLC
“I’ve been working with the team at Creative Capital for at least 15 years and their knowledge and mastery of all issues relating to CPLR Articles 50-A and 50-B cases is second to no one. While partnering with them on Savillo, we used Creative’s incredible analysis of the values of each element of a potential judgment as the foundational basis for our negotiation strategy. They have gone on from that judgment to make it kind of a watershed case for how to properly use an exposure based approach to plaintiff’s advantage. Far too many trial attorneys don’t use this technique, and I think it’s leaving a tool out of the toolbox. The team at CCI is not only the best when it comes to providing and presenting Article 50-B analyses and all supporting case law, but they also have a legal support team that completes cases and helps with compromises quickly and efficiently. There is no company I would rather refer my peers to than the team at Creative Capital.”

Think you know how personal injury cases are taxed?

Time for a pop quiz.


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Protecting the Settlement Process.

Why you need your own structured settlement expert.


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Trial attorneys are in a unique position to create a deferral fee strategy with unlimited contributions.


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"Anyone settling a personal injury claim should seriously consider a structured settlement as part of their plan for financial recovery. Structured settlements can stretch settlement funds by providing tax-free payments for lost income, medical bills or other future needs, which delivers tremendous long-term security for injured people and their families. Berkshire Hathaway is proud to be a leading provider of structured settlement annuities."
- Warren Buffet

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