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Our clients entrust their clients to us at a time when everything must be done with perfection for their clients' and their own protection. 

We are proud our unique approach has been regionally and nationally recognized for our accomplishments and leadership over the course of our over forty years in business. See what our clients have to say and why they insist on having the team at Creative Capital on their side.

Our team is here for you, contact us today.


Gurfein Douglas LLP

"I have worked with Creative Capital, Inc. (CCI) for decades.  I can remember back when structures were a weapon some carriers used to devalue the actual worth of plaintiffs’ cases and how Creative Capital was always there to bring truth to the negotiation. They have provided the best advice and guidance on not just which approach to settlement best protects my clients’ interest, but their legal expertise in the field of securing payments over time for our clients is second to none.


The folks at CCI go above and beyond the usual vendor and always respond timely, if not instantly, to any issue that I cannot resolve on my own or want a second opinion on.  They have taught me how best to protect my clients in all the situations I have found our cases in.  From quickly developing a structure strategy to protecting my clients from predatory financial firms and assisting in drafting critical language in settlement agreements, they are always ready, willing, and eminently qualified to keep me out of trouble and get my clients what they deserve.


If you haven’t worked with them before, you should try them on your next case.  You won’t be sorry you did.”


Richard A. Gurfein, Esq. 
Past President, NYSTLA
Former Governor-at-large, American Association for Justice


Sonin & Genis

I have been working with Creative Capital since their inception, and they have always worked tirelessly for my clients, with an immediate response to any inquiry. I have worked with them at all hours and all days of the week. They make themselves and their expertise available and understandable.


They have done zoom conferences with me, my clients and my referring attorneys and Guardians. They have come to court  and even the Appellate Division for a mediation.  They are so reliable that even defense attorneys rely on them and find them reliable. They go the extra step. On top of them being consummate professionals, they are terrific people and a pleasure to work with.


They bring added value to the negotiating table, and to the settlement table. I highly recommend them.


Bob Genis, Esq.

Founding Partner

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Kahn, Gordon, Timko & Rodriques, P.C

Since being introduced to the team at Creative Capital nearly a decade ago, I have been impressed with their knowledge, expertise, deep experience and always prompt responsiveness.


CCI provides me and my firm with the confidence that our firm and our clients are being given the best advice necessary to make informed decisions on all matters related to CPLR Articles 50A/50B and structured settlements. 


The team at CCI treats our clients and our firm like they would their own family. They have become not only a valued business partner of both AAJ and NYSTLA, but also a true partner and friend to me and my firm. 


I look forward to many more years of partnership with Creative Capital. 

Nicholas I. Timko, Esq.

Past President, NYSTLA

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Law Office of
Victoria Wickman

I have been working with Marty Jacobson and his team at Creative Capital since I was an associate at another firm some 15 years ago – maybe more! Marty and his team know more about 50a/50b analysis’, how to settle a case when a MIF is involved and how to structure settlements especially when infants are involved. They are there with you every step of the way from negotiations (to help maximize value and know what you’re settling for in terms of real cash) all the way through getting your compromise proceeding approved. Even when defense has their own broker, I use Creative Capital to be my broker wherein the two brokers work together. His staff reviews the documents, makes suggested edits, discusses issues that may come up and ways to resolve them along the way until the settlement money is received. I cannot stress enough what an important part of my team they have become and cannot foresee my practice without them.

Victoria Wickman, Esq.

Founding Partner


Golomb & Longo, PLLC

“I’ve been working with the team at Creative Capital for at least 15 years and their knowledge and mastery of all issues relating to CPLR Articles 50-A and 50-B cases is second to no one. While partnering with them on Savillo, we used Creative’s incredible analysis of the values of each element of a potential judgment as the foundational basis for our negotiation strategy. They have gone on from that judgment to make it kind of a watershed case for how to properly use an exposure based approach to plaintiff’s advantage. Far too many trial attorneys don’t use this technique, and I think it’s leaving a tool out of the toolbox. The team at CCI is not only the best when it comes to providing and presenting Article 50-B analyses and all supporting case law, but they also have a legal support team that completes cases and helps with compromises quickly and efficiently. There is no company I would rather refer my peers to than the team at Creative Capital.”


David Golomb, Esq.,

Past President, NYSTLA

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm

We have been very fortunate to work with Creative Capital over the past decade in all facets of our structured settlements.  Their guidance has proved to be invaluable. Since our practice encompasses birth related injuries where children have been catastrophically injured, we have come to rely on Creative Capital's team including Marty, Morris, Charles and Rhys who have a sophisticated understanding of the Medical Indemnity Fund (MIF) and craft structured payment streams for infants based upon lifetime care and economic projections. We look forward to many more years of working together with Creative Capital, and are proud to endorse them as a leader in their field.

Bradley S. Zimmerman, Esq.

 Managing Partner


Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman

Creative Capital is a great friend and among the leaders, in the NYSTLA Partnership for Justice. Their devotion to helping attorneys representing plaintiffs is well known. They are diligent to the last detail making sure that our clients' needs are met whether in formulating a structured settlement or aiding settlement discussions. After a verdict, they are there to prepare 50-B judgments. Call them.

Jeffrey A. Lichtman, Esq.

Past President, NYSTLA


Bisogno & Meyerson

Structuring fees through Creative Capital has been an integral part of our retirement planning for over twenty years. The ability to defer income, smooth out cash flow and have limitless payout options for future needs makes taking advantage of structured settlements an easy decision for our office. Working with the professionals at Creative Capital makes the process easy and seamless.


Lomurro Law

“ I have worked with many consultants during my 42 years handling malpractice cases.  I rely upon Creative Capital to assist me with all of my structured settlements, particularly when the defense requires that its annuity consultant be used.  I have never had an objection from any insurance carrier, defense counsel or annuity consultant about having Creative Capital on my side.  This is important because Creative Capital has presented structures with demonstrably better returns than government bonds, and better security than many proposed structures.  Creative Capital has introduced me to innovative structures that provide an even greater measure of security, such as the use of ‘layered annuities.’  


Additionally, Creative Capital has provided immediate responses during settlement negotiations every time I have requested new quotes or proposals.  I recently had to resolve multiple complicated issues in the creation of structured settlements in a case involving an infant and a case involving a 59 year old man.  Creative Capital helped me throughout the process, including reviewing and revising the complicated and critical settlement documentation and orders.  This has to be done right the first time, and I rely heavily on Creative Capital to make sure all paperwork is in perfect order.  Creative Capital’s people are obsessively careful.


Finally, and most importantly, we have found all of Creative Capital's personnel, from top to bottom, to be of the highest integrity.  We would be happy to discuss our experience with this company with anyone seeking a reference.”

Abbott S. Brown, Esq.


Greenberg Law P.C.

Our firm prides itself on giving personal attention to every client, from the first day we meet them until the day their case is resolved.We have continued a decades-long relationship with Creative Capital (“CCI”) because they offer the same attentive service to us and our clients at that critical point of settling their case. Having CCI on our team at a mediation or settlement negotiation is invaluable in ensuring we make the best recovery for our client. Thank you CCI for your thorough research, patience in educating our clients, document drafting and commitment to our business.


Casper & De Toledo LLC

I overcame a life long antipathy for structures when I met the powers at Creative Capital. The intriguing feature offered was their CORA Affidavit but I have come to learn that CORA is more than a marketing strategy; it’s also a reflection of the values of the company and its leadership.

Stewart M. Casper, Esq.

AAJ Governor, CT


Grant Richman, PLLC

The conclusion of any case always brings with it the uncertainty of what the future will bring for a client. The professionals at Creative Capital have made it easier for my clients and me to sleep soundly at night knowing that their future needs are protected, secure, and safe as a result of Creative Capital’s attention to detail, their thorough vetting of any legal issues surrounding the settlement and always being there when a question comes up. I don't know how I would manage without them.

Howard S. Richman, Esq.

Former AAJ Board of Governors


Hillin Law

I have worked for many years with Creative Capital to find the best solutions to my clients long-term care needs. Creative Capital has considerable expertise in designing programs for maximizing the power of settlement funds. This has never been more important than now, when many of us are bewildered by the volatility and uncertainty of the markets and do not have the tools to properly advise our clients. It is comforting to know that I do not need to have all of the answers, and that Creative Capital is there to ensure the best for my clients.

Hunter Thomas Hillin, TX


Resolute Systems, LLC

The best structure broker in the business.

Judge Joseph P. Spinola, NY

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