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Creative Approach

to Structured Settlements:

Ethics, Expertise, Experience

Creative Capital Inc. (CCI) is a nationwide Structured Settlement consulting firm and a founder of the structured settlement industry. For over forty years, our skilled team has partnered with clients to provide all manner of innovative solutions to achieve better settlements. Everything we do is driven by a strict code of ethics and the expertise and experience of an industry leader.


We’re keenly aware of ethical issues in settlements and lien resolution. As such, we run our company more like a law firm than an insurance agency. We present our Certificate of Reliability and Assurances (CORA) in every case to ensure its integrity to protect you and your client. 


Our expertise is second-to-none. Marty Jacobson, a former trial lawyer and CCI’s general counsel, leads our legal department. His leadership provides legal support across our entire national network. Morris Lener, one of the Industry’s leading structured settlement consultants heads CCI’s case negotiations team. 


As a trusted resource to the Bench & Bar, we have industry leading experience with everything from structured settlements and tax deferred attorneys’ fees to pre- and post-trial 50-A and 50-B calculations (in NYS), periodic judgment drafting (“Structured Settlement Services”). We also provide lien resolution and MSA analysis/allocation services though our sister company Precision Resolution.


So what does all of this mean for you? That’s simple. Our approach is built to put you and your clients’ needs first. That’s why all Structured Settlement Services are always Free of Charge.

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