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CCI is the originator of the CORA structured settlement affidavit that protects clients from fraud and misrepresentation with a Certificate of Reliability and Assurances.

Formerly, some structured settlement firms paid part of their commissions to their casualty insurer clients masking them as “service” or “administrative” fees. CCI, along with legal departments of life insurance companies, believed that these were thinly veiled attempts to avoid the anti-rebating laws.


That’s why we created CORA. Made under oath, CORA asserts the integrity of the settlement process, assures the full disclosure of terms and carries all penalties for perjury, including criminal liability. Per CORA, the Structured Settlement Consultant warrants & represents that they:


  • Do not pay commission rebates to any party or evade the anti-rebating statutes through "service" or "administrative" arrangements.


  • Fully disclose age ratings and never misrepresents the cost of a structured settlement by engaging in post-settlement medical underwriting.


  • Always discloses the true cost of its structured settlements and does not attempt to artificially inflate settlement value by using unrealistic present value calculations.


  • Is not affiliated with, owned or controlled by, any insurance carriers.

  • Will not provide any information about this settlement to a factoring company for any purpose and is not affiliated with, owned or controlled by, any factoring company.


No other structured settlement firm offers this level of accountability on every case. Plaintiffs, defendants and the courts can trust that the facts and numbers are 100% transparent when CCI handles a case. 

Written in 1999 by our General Counsel, click here​ for a special message  which is still relevant today.

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