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Creating Financial Confidence for Your Future.

Consistent. Customizable. Guaranteed.

Trial attorneys are in a unique position to create a deferral fee strategy with unlimited contributions. Whether the plaintiff elects to structure or not, this tax-saving strategy provides future customized payments for financing a firm's future or for almost any future need, even a better retirement.

Financial Confidence for the Future:

Through a range of secure and vetted solutions, our clients are able to take advantage of market based or traditional annuity based attorneys' fee structured settlement products.

A Fee Deferral Strategy Can:

  • Alleviate Tax Burdens

  • Fund Future Cases

  • Diversify Portfolio

  • Retain Current Partners & Associates

Achieving financial security, while remaining in compliance with the appropriate tax laws, requires a specialized expertise.

The trust we’ve earned in our 40 years in business is why our clients entrust us at a time when everything must be done with perfection. By engaging CCI as your own structured settlement expert, you will receive unparalleled expertise - Free of Charge.

At Creative Capital, we strive for perfection every time, in every case, regardless of size at no cost. Contact Creative Capital About Your Next Case today, for more information on how we can assist you.


Creative Capital Inc., established in 1980 and a founder of our industry, has been voted the Best Structured Settlement Provider both regionally (NY, NJ & CT) and nationally, recognizing our accomplishments and leadership over the course of our forty years in business. Our skilled team partners with clients to provide innovative solutions designed to achieve better settlements. Everything we do is driven by a strict code of Ethics along with the Expertise and Experience of an industry leader.

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