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A tax strategy to defer your income. Approved by the IRS & ONLY available to contingent fee lawyers.

Structured Attorneys’ Fees

Structured attorneys’ fees are a guaranteed method to defer taxes, grow contingent fees and finance all aspects of life. 


Like an uncapped 401(k) plan, a structured attorney’s fee provides a guaranteed tax-deferred advantage to suit an attorney’s personal financial needs. Whether or not the plaintiff decides to structure, this tax-saving strategy provides future payments directly to the attorney. Taxes on the deferred portion are paid only in the years of actual receipt.

Why Structure Your Fee?

In the past, lawyers felt secure placing fees with professional money managers and absorbing the taxes in the year of receipt. But the combination of a volatile marketplace and high tax rates have contributed to a substantial loss in the value of fees.


A structured attorney’s fee with a highly rated top life insurance company offers:

  • Guaranteed Payments

  • Tax Deferral

  • An Alternative to Market Risk 



For Tax Attorney Robert W. Wood's advice on structuring legal fees click here.


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