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Reputation for Reliability.

It’s Why So Many Attorneys Insist on Having Creative Capital on Their Side.

When you engage a structured settlement expert, you deserve unparalleled expertise delivered to you and your clients, efficiently and to perfection, in every case, no matter the size.

Throughout our 40 years in business, the reputation we’ve earned is why our clients entrust us at a time when everything must be completed seamlessly. Read below to learn how CCI’s detail-oriented team approach has assisted one of our clients, Sonin & Genis, and how we can help you on your next case.

What Our Clients Say:

"I have been working with Creative Capital since their inception, and they have always worked tirelessly for my clients, with an immediate response to any inquiry. I have worked with them at all hours and all days of the week. They make themselves and their expertise available and understandable. They have done zoom conferences with me, my clients, and my referring attorneys and Guardians. They have come to court and even the Appellate Division for a mediation. They are so reliable that even defense attorneys rely on them and find them reliable. They go the extra step. On top of them being consummate professionals, they are terrific people and a pleasure to work with. They bring added value to the negotiating table and the settlement table. I highly recommend them."

- Bob Genis, Esq. Founding Partner, Sonin & Genis

Expect More from Your Structured Settlement Expert

Creative Capital can be a valuable resource for you and your client at every point in the litigation and settlement process. When you engage Creative Capital, Our Team becomes Your Team. We will:

  • Attend Mediation, Settlement Conferences & Court Hearings

  • Prepare Periodic Judgment Analysis prior to (or after) Trial to show the true Value of Your Case

  • Present Market-Based and Annuity-Based Structured Settlement Solutions

  • Draft (or review and revise) Judgments, Settlement Documents, ICOs, WDCOs, Friendly Judgments (NJ), Decrees & other Court Orders

Our Team is Your Team

We understand a structured settlement goes beyond numbers and negotiation strategies. In contrast to the solo franchise approach taken by most structured settlements companies, Creative Capital recognizes the strength in collective expertise and experience.

Immediately upon CCI’s involvement, our case experts begin working together to understand the unique needs of your case, including reviewing your client's settlement options and your fee deferral strategy. In cases that are not yet settled CCI will help you get better settlements, faster. The mediators know us. Judges know us. All respect what we bring to the mediation or negotiating table. Next, CCI’s legal department gets involved. We will draft (or review and revise) judgments as well as the various settlement documents and proposed orders to properly conclude a structured settlement and ensure compliance with all tax and legal requirements. Our unparalleled understanding of applicable laws, codes and other requirements allows us to recognize pitfalls or other issues which may pose potential tax or legal consequences to you and/or your client. We see our job as protecting the tax efficacy of every structured settlement and ensuring your case is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At Creative Capital, we strive for perfection every time, in every case, regardless of size.

Contact Creative Capital About Your Next Case today, and experience the Creative Approach.

About the Sonin & Genis:

Sonin & Genis are safety advocates working to make the world safer one case at a time. They have dedicated their professional lives to helping injured people and have successfully litigated wrongful death, serious personal injury, negligence and medical malpractice cases in state and federal courts in a number of states, winning significant verdicts on behalf of those that suffered needless harm, and helping compensate and protect members of the community.

Their long and strong record of bringing wrongdoers to justice and ensuring clients receive just compensation is well established: their verdicts have been listed by the National Law Journal, the New York Law Journal, New York Magazine and ALM Verdictsearch as being some of the highest verdicts and settlements in the USA and New York State.

About Creative Capital Inc.

Creative Capital Inc., voted the Nation’s Best Structured Settlement Provider, is a nationwide structured settlement consulting firm and a founder of the structured settlement industry, serving clients for forty years. Our skilled team partners with clients to provide innovative solutions designed to achieve better settlements. Everything we do is driven by a strict code of ethics along with the expertise and experience of an industry leader.

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