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We are the foremost authority in converting verdicts into judgments under CPLR Article 50-A and Article 50-B.

The Creative Capital Approach to Periodic Judgments.

Creative Capital is the authority on CPLR Articles 50-A & 50-B. Nobody understands the laws better than CCI. Many know they are powerful post-trial statutes that govern the form of judgment. But the real benefits come when counsel engages CCI to calculate the judgment cost to the defense before trial. 


By educating defendants, carriers, mediators and JHOs of the defendant’s true exposure, many of our attorney clients have achieved more favorable settlements than if they had not retained our services. 


Our analyses & methodology have been accepted and recognized for accuracy by judges and judgment clerks throughout the State of New York. Below is a look into our process.


Periodic Judgment Analysis and Preparation

We perform pre- and post-verdict analysis to measure the present value and potential exposure before trial and the actual cost after trial. CCI is a leading provider of CLE programs on periodic judgments in New York. We counsel the Bench and Bar on the use of structured settlements and on the case law, mechanics and calculations required for periodic judgments after trial.


Converting Verdicts into Judgments

Our legal team will analyze the verdict (including any additurs or remittiturs) and craft a legally compliant judgment for counsel’s review if your case doesn’t settle and results in a verdict that must be converted into a Periodic Judgment. CCI will appear in court with you to assist in settling the judgment and will provide expert testimony when necessary. 


What We Offer - Free of Charge

Our approach has proven so valuable to our attorney clients that we now make ourselves available for an entire day in a law firm’s offices, allowing partners and associates to seek better, faster settlements using our free 50-A or 50-B analyses. 

Periodic Judgment Analysis/Prep
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