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Protecting the Settlement Process.

Why you need your own structured settlement expert.

When negotiating a settlement your clients look to you for guidance and trustworthy partners to help navigate their next steps as

they overcome a catastrophic life-changing event. Assuming your adversary’s structured settlement expert will provide the best guidance, has the potential for putting you and your client at risk.

Protecting our attorney clients and their clients throughout the settlement process is a promise Creative Capital has dedicated itself to in every case for over 40 years and why our clients entrust us at a time when everything must be done with perfection. Read below, to learn how The Creative Approach has assisted Gurfein Douglas LLP, on various complex cases and how we can partner with you on your next case.

What Our Clients Say:

"I have worked with Creative Capital, Inc. (CCI) for decades. I can remember back when structures were a weapon some carriers used to devalue the actual worth of plaintiffs’ cases and how Creative Capital was always there to bring truth to the negotiation. They have provided the best advice and guidance on not just which approach to settlement best protects my clients’ interest, but their legal expertise in the field of securing payments over time for our clients is second to none.

The folks at CCI go above and beyond the usual vendor and always respond timely, if not instantly, to any issue that I cannot resolve on my own or want a second opinion on. They have taught me how best to protect my clients in all the situations I have found our cases in. From quickly developing a structure strategy to protecting my clients from predatory financial firms and assisting in drafting critical language in settlement agreements, they are always ready, willing, and eminently qualified to keep me out of trouble and get my clients what they deserve.

If you haven’t worked with them before, you should try them on your next case. You won’t be sorry you did."

Richard A. Gurfein, Esq | Gurfein Douglas LLP

Past President, NYS Trial Lawyers Association

Former Governor-at-large, American Association for Justice

The Creative Approach was built to put you and your client’s needs first.

We understand the importance of having a reliable partner throughout the settlement process. When you engage Creative Capital, Our Team becomes Your Team.

Engaging your own structured settlement expert as early as possible ensures your client receives the best settlement solutions and services available while your case is completed quickly and efficiently.

As a part Your Team, you and your clients receive unparalleled ethics, expertise, and experience in the laws, insurance, and valuation to achieve a successful resolution of every case.

Specifically, we review the plaintiff’s and defendant’s life care plans, factor in reasonable amounts for pain & suffering, and provide an analysis of what the defendant’s true exposure will be if the case were to go to trial.

We believe that all cases should be negotiated based on the defendant’s exposure, not the plaintiff’s needs. After the defendant has agreed to pay the true value on a case, we design a structured settlement to ensure plaintiff’s unique needs will be satisfied, providing a secure financial future, that’s guaranteed.

To ensure plaintiffs, defendants, and the courts receive 100% transparency and accountability, we prepare, sign and submit a Certificate of Reliability and Assurances (CORA) on every case. CCI is the only structured settlement firm to offer this level of protection from fraud and misrepresentation on every case. This approach to structured settlements continues to set CCI apart and is one of the reasons we’ve been voted the Best Structured Settlement Provider, year after year.

Let Your Team at Creative Capital Assist on Your Next Case. At Creative Capital, we strive for perfection every time, in every case, regardless of size.

CLICK to Contact Us Today or Call: 800-327-9224

About the Gurfein Douglas LLp:

At Gurfein Douglas, you can rely on the scientific training of their two partners to uncover the often hidden technical details of your case that the untrained eye might miss. Details like how the laws of physics and other scientific principles support your side of the story.

Richard Gurfein and Preston Douglas are Lawyers With An Edge, achieving the best outcomes for their clients. Their extensive list of cases includes the Top Medical Malpractice Verdict in New York State: a Bronx grandmother was awarded 110.6 million dollars.

Visit for more information on the life-changing results they've achieved for the clients.

About Creative Capital Inc.

Creative Capital Inc., voted the Nation’s Best Structured Settlement Provider, is a nationwide structured settlement consulting firm and a founder of the structured settlement industry, serving clients for forty years. Our skilled team partners with clients to provide innovative solutions designed to achieve better settlements. Everything we do is driven by a strict code of ethics along with the expertise and experience of an industry leader.

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