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What is CORA and Why Does it Matter?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Understanding the importance of receiving a Structured Settlement Affidavit in every case.

Structured Settlements are an innovative and proven method used to bridge the gap between a plaintiff and defendant producing a win-win situation. Unfortunately, this tool intended to provide tax-free payments to plaintiffs and a resolution for defendants, can also be a tool for abuse.

That’s why, nearly 30 years ago, Creative Capital redefined the industry standard and developed CORA, a Certificate of Reliability and Assurances, also referred to as a “Structured Settlement Affidavit”. This affidavit offers plaintiffs, defendants and the courts 100% transparency and accountability on every case.

Since its creation, many judges have incorporated CORA into their court rules and will not approve a settlement without this document. Made under oath, it asserts the integrity of the settlement process, assures the full disclosure of terms and carries all penalties for perjury, including criminal liability.


Per CORA, the Structured Settlement Consultant warrants & represents that they:

  • Are not affiliated with, owned or controlled by, any insurance carrier.

  • Will not provide any information about this settlement to a factoring company for any purpose and is not affiliated with, owned or controlled by, any factoring company.

  • Do not pay commission rebates to any party or carrier, or evade the anti-rebating statutes through "service" or "administrative" fee arrangements.

  • Fully disclose age ratings and never misrepresents the cost of a structured settlement by engaging in post-settlement medical underwriting to secrecy reduce the defendant’s cost.

  • Always discloses the true cost of its structured settlements and does not attempt to artificially inflate settlement value by using unrealistic present value calculations.

Insist that Your Settlement Expert is CORA-certified:

Structured settlements, when honestly and ethically negotiated, are good for all parties involved in the litigation. Whoever you are; whomever you represent; accept nothing less, for your client, for your firm, for yourself.

CCI is CORA-certified, meaning we provide a CORA Structured Settlement Affidavit in every case. We are the leaders in advocating ethical and professional standards. The trust we’ve earned in our 40 years in business is why our clients entrust us at a time when everything must be done with perfection, to protect their clients and themselves.

As a matter of fact, we are the only structured settlement firm to offer protection from fraud and misrepresentation on every case. This approach to structured settlements continues to set CCI apart, and is one of the reasons we’ve been voted the Best Structured Settlement Provider, year after year.

Engaging your own structured settlement expert as early as possible ensures your client receives the best settlement solutions and services available while your case is completed quickly and efficiently. At Creative Capital, we strive for perfection every time, in every case, regardless of size, at no cost. Contact Your Team today for more information on how we can assist on your next case.

Let Your Team at Creative Capital Assist on Your Next Case. CLICK to Contact Us Today or Call: 800-327-9224


Creative Capital Inc., established in 1980 and a founder of our industry, has been voted the Best Structured Settlement Provider both regionally (NY, NJ & CT) and nationally, recognizing our accomplishments and leadership over the course of our forty years in business. Our skilled team partners with clients to provide innovative solutions designed to achieve better settlements. Everything we do is driven by a strict code of Ethics along with the Expertise and Experience of an industry leader.

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