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The ONLY product of its kind that provides a secure financial future for both the plaintiff and their family - guaranteed.

Traditional Structured Settlements

A Structured Settlement is a unique form of settlement. The defendant pays 100% of the settlement cost immediately, providing the plaintiff with payments over time that are substantially greater than the defendant’s cost. 


Unlike a lump-sum settlement, a structure creates the opportunity for the plaintiff to take some cash immediately and structure the balance to provide tax free benefits and a shield from market volatility. All while achieving current and future financial goals.


Structured settlements have been used successfully for many years in Physical Injury Cases & Workers' Compensation Claims. In addition, other types of cases also benefit.

Physical Injury Cases 

Both the plaintiff and defendant in physical injury cases can greatly benefit from a structured settlement. 


Benefits for  Plaintiff:

  • Eliminates investment risk and management fees.

  • Offers flexibility to design a custom payment stream..

  • 100% tax free.

  • COLAs are always available.

  • Structured settlement indexed annuities benefit from future interest rate increases.

  • Annuity-based periodic payments may be exempt from creditors in certain states.

  • Affords protection from dissipation of funds.

  • Government benefits protected when combining a structure with a trust.

Benefits for Defendant/Insurer:

  • Saves through the ability to settle quickly and avoid ongoing litigation expenses.

  • Eliminates responsibility for future payments through assignment of obligation.

Workers' Compensation Claims 

A traditional structured settlement with a Qualified Assignment on workers’ compensation claims offers increased benefits for both the claimant and employer/insurer.


Benefits are the same as a Personal Injury Claimant - PLUS:

  • Benefit payments continue after returning to work.

  • Benefit payments continue after death.

  • Availability to designate anyone as beneficiary.


Benefits for Employer/Insurer:

  • Eliminates legal obligations through a Qualified Assignment under I.R.C. Section 130(c).

  • Removes the liability from their books and releases reserves.

  • Closes the gap in expectations with the claimant for a timelier settlement.

Structured Settlements (Employment & Other Claims)

Approved by the IRS in a 2008 ruling, structured settlements in employment cases create ways to achieve income averaging, a long sought-after goal of the Plaintiffs’ Bar. 


Structures in employment cases allow plaintiffs to spread payments over time on a tax-deferred basis, often achieving significant savings. Plaintiffs can also earn tax-deferred income on their settlement.

The success of the traditional structured settlement with a novation is available for a wider range of situations. Learn More >


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Workers' Comp
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