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Denied Your Own Structured Settlement Expert In Cases Involving the Department of Justice?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Overcome Settlement Challenges with CCI.

We are pleased to announce that an industry initiative by NSSTA, of which CCI is a founding member, a frequent hurdle of restrictions on Plaintiff’s being allowed their own settlement expert on Federal Tort Claims Act and other cases where the Federal Government is the defendant, has been resolved. You can now involve CCI in all of these cases.

During our 40 years in business, CCI has handled thousands of cases with settlements of every type and size. But what makes us truly different is our dedication to expertise and leadership, staying on top of issues challenging you and your client’s right to have their own structured settlement expert.

At Creative Capital, we understand a structured settlement goes beyond numbers and negotiation strategies.

Understanding the laws, practices and procedures unique to each type of case is the cornerstone of the Creative Approach, enabling us to create settlement solutions for you and your clients, while remaining in compliance with the DOJ requirements. The new approach is a bit tricky and technical, so speak with us first before advising the AUSA that CCI is on your side. We will walk you through the process.

The involvement of a structured settlements expert helps advocate for your client and facilitates the process.

When you engage Creative Capital as your own structured settlement expert, you receive unparalleled expertise on issues involved in achieving a fair and secure structured settlement for your client and ensures your case is completed quickly and efficiently.

Let Your Team at Creative Capital Demonstrate the Effectiveness of the Creative Approach in these Complex Cases on Your Next Case. CLICK to Contact Us Today or Call: 800-327-9224

About Creative Capital Inc.

Creative Capital Inc., voted the Nation’s Best Structured Settlement Provider, is a nationwide structured settlement consulting firm and a founder of the structured settlement industry, serving clients for forty years. Our skilled team partners with clients to provide innovative solutions designed to achieve better settlements. Everything we do is driven by a strict code of ethics along with the expertise and experience of an industry leader.

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