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Still using your adversary’s structured settlement expert?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Critical reasons to have your own consultant on every case - no matter the size.

When negotiating the settlement of a P/I lawsuit, it should never be assumed your adversary’s structured settlement expert will provide the best guidance for you or your client. Achieving tax-free financial security, while remaining in compliance with the appropriate tax laws, requires a specialized expertise.

At Creative Capital, we understand a structured settlement goes beyond numbers and negotiation strategies. It encompasses a balanced team approach to ensure that once a plan is chosen, critical closing documents are properly drafted ensuring plaintiffs receive the tax-free treatment to which they are entitled.

The trust we’ve earned in our nearly 40 years in business is why our clients entrust us at a time when everything must be done with perfection. Read below, to learn how CCI’s detail-oriented approach has assisted one of our clients, Lomurro Law, on various complex cases and how we can help you on your next case.

What Our Clients Say:

I have worked with many consultants during my 42 years handling malpractice cases.  I rely upon Creative Capital to assist me with all of my structured settlements, particularly when the defense requires that its annuity consultant be used.  I have never had an objection from any insurance carrier, defense counsel or annuity consultant about having Creative Capital on my side.  This is important because Creative Capital has presented structures with demonstrably better returns than government bonds, and better security than many proposed structures.  Creative Capital has introduced me to innovative structures that provide an even greater measure of security, such as the use of ‘layered annuities.’  

Additionally, Creative Capital has provided immediate responses during settlement negotiations every time I have requested new quotes or proposals.  I recently had to resolve multiple complicated issues in the creation of structured settlements in a case involving an infant and a case involving a 59 year old man.  Creative Capital helped me throughout the process, including reviewing and revising the complicated and critical settlement documentation and orders.  This has to be done right the first time, and I rely heavily on Creative Capital to make sure all paperwork is in perfect order.  Creative Capital’s people are obsessively careful.

Finally, and most importantly, we have found all of Creative Capital's personnel, from top to bottom, to be of the highest integrity.  We would be happy to discuss our experience with this company with anyone seeking a reference.

The Creative Approach and How it Can Help You and Your Client:

Tax law compliance mandates the involvement of a structured settlements specialist to help advocate for your client and facilitate the process. By engaging CCI as your own structured settlement expert, you will receive unparalleled expertise on issues involved in achieving a fair and secure structured settlement for your client.

Critical Expertise

Our expertise is second-to-none. For nearly forty years, our skilled team has partnered with attorneys to provide all manner of innovative solutions to achieve better settlements. Morris Lener, one of the Industry’s leading structured settlement consultants, heads CCI’s case negotiations team. Marty Jacobson, a former trial lawyer and CCI’s general counsel, leads our legal department. His leadership provides legal support across our entire national network.

Our Team is Your Team

In contrast to the solo franchise approach taken by most structured settlements companies, Creative Capital recognizes the strength in a collective expertise and experience. Immediately upon CCI’s involvement, our case experts begin working together to understand the unique needs of your case, which in-turn allows them to offer in detail the best settlement solutions available to plaintiffs and their families, while providing the highest return and security.

Next, CCI’s legal department gets involved. We will draft (or review and revise) the various settlement documents and proposed orders to properly conclude a structured settlement and ensure compliance with all tax and legal requirements. Often, defense brokers draft settlement documents to meet the specific needs of the carrier, sometimes without regard to the possible tax and legal consequences to the plaintiff. We see our job as protecting the tax efficacy of every structured settlement. In our nearly 40 years, no CCI structured settlement has ever foundered for failure to comply with the tax laws pertaining to structured settlements.

Holistic Approach

Creative Capital focuses not on the sale of a product, but on the entirety of your case from beginning to end. This holistic approach to structured settlements sets CCI apart from the industry standard, and is one of the reasons we were voted the Nation’s Best Structured Settlement Provider. We’re keenly aware of ethical issues in settlements and lien resolution. As such, we run our company more like a law firm than an insurance agency, with strategic attorney relationships focusing on tax, lien resolution, estate planning and SNTs. By enlisting the best of the best on complex issues, you're able to guarantee your client’s interest are always put first, creating confidence for a lifetime of financial stability.

Engaging your own structured settlement expert as early as possible ensures your client receives the best settlement solutions and services available while your case is completed quickly and efficiently. At Creative Capital, we strive for perfection every time, in every case, regardless of size at no cost. Contact our team today for more information on how we can assist on your next case.

Additional Resources on Selecting Your Structured Settlement Expert:

About the Lomurro Law:

At Lomurro Law, our lawyers and staff pride themselves on providing the highest caliber service in a caring and compassionate manner. Our firm handles a wide range of legal cases ranging from personal injury and medical malpractice to family law and estate planning. We also have an extensive criminal defense practice and represent clients facing all types of criminal charges. Whether you’ve been injured in an accident, arrested for DUI or are seeking a divorce, we’re here to help you achieve the best possible resolution for your case.

Visit for more information on our recent success stories.

About Creative Capital Inc.

Creative Capital Inc., established in 1980 and a founder of our industry, has been voted the Best Structured Settlement Provider both regionally (NY, NJ & CT) and nationally, recognizing our accomplishments and leadership over the course of our nearly forty years in business. Our skilled team partners with clients to provide innovative solutions designed to achieve better settlements. Everything we do is driven by a strict code of Ethics along with the Expertise and Experience of an industry leader.

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