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Celebrating 15 years as a NYSTLA Partnership for Justice

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Earlier this month, Creative Capital celebrated its 15th year as a Partner for Justice at the Annual NYSTLA Partnership Gala. From current officers to Past Presidents and the Board of Directors, to young lawyers and NYSTLA affiliate chapters, the commitment to support and celebrate Creative Capital and our fellow Partners for Justice by all the members of NYSTLA is remarkable.

Over the history of our partnership with NYSTLA, we have had the privilege to be involved in cases from across the span of its membership and have assisted NYSTLA members in over 5,500 cases.

2019 will mark Creative Capital’s 10th consecutive year as NYSTLA's highest level partner. We are proud to be your Skyline Partner for Justice. We look forward to an exciting year ahead as we continue our support of NYSTLA’s

mission and its members, working together to protect the civil justice system.

Thank You for the loyalty you've shown us over the course of our 15 year partnership; for voting us as the Best Structured Settlement Provider in New York; and for your continued Friendship, Support & Trust. 

NYSTLA, we are proud to be your Skyline Partner for Justice. To learn more about the Creative Approach click here

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