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What Every Trial Lawyer Needs to Know about Getting Faster Approval ofSettlements in the Surrogates.

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Last night Creative Capital's General Counsel, Marty Jacobson, Esq. along with John M. Tomsky, Esq. of Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo PC and Joan Lensky Robert, Esq. of Kassoff Robert & Lerner co-moderated a judicial panel as part of the NYSTLI CLE program: What Every Trial Lawyer Needs to Know about Getting Faster Approval of Settlements in the Surrogates, Supreme & Guardianship Courts.​​

Representing estates in wrongful death and personal injury actions, and successfully compromising and distributing the settlements of those actions in the Supreme Court and Surrogates Court is often a daunting task for the trial lawyer. Likewise, representing an incapacitated person in a personal injury action and successfully concluding the case requires the coordination of the trial court and the guardianship court. 

An all-star panel of jurists: Hon. Peter J. Kelly (Surrogate Queens County), Hon. Brandon Sall (Surrogate Westchester County), Hon. Ellen M. Spodek (Supreme Court, Kings County) & Hon Charles M. Troia (Supreme Court, Guardianship Part Richmond County), attended to discuss these and other issues.

NYSTLA members spent an evening with the judicial panel as moderators presented real life scenarios to the panel as they walked through the process required to successfully bring and resolve cases and discussed common issues that often cause unnecessary delays in final resolution.

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