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Obtaining Better Settlements at Mediation: CPLR Articles 50-A & 50-B.

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Many trial lawyers and mediators have come to recognize the significant impact that New York’s Periodic Judgment Statutes [CPLR Art. 50-A and 50-B] have at mediation. Sometimes referred to as the “multiplier effect,” a 50-A or 50-B analysis performed prior to mediation can be a powerful tool to educate all parties as to the defendant’s true exposure in a personal injury case.

Obtaining Better Settlements at Mediation: CPLR Articles 50-A & 50-B.,  demonstrates why a prerequisite to formulating a demand or participating in any personal injury mediation (or settlement conference) should be obtaining a 50-A or 50-B analysis. Co-authored by Creative Capital's VP & General Counsel, Martin Jacobson, Esq and Vice President, Morris Lener Obtaining Better Settlements at Mediation: CPLR Articles 50-A & 50-B., was recently the published in the NYSTLI Bill Of Particulars Volume 2, 2016.

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About the Authors:

Martin Jacobson, Esq. is Vice President and General Counsel at Creative Capital - Structured Settlements. Marty is also a licensed attorney in New York and New Jersey with extensive trial experience in both the state and federal courts. Marty is a renowned lecturer on structured settlements and periodic judgments and regularly presents seminars to the bench, bar association groups and law firms. Marty negotiates structured settlements for Creative Capital’s clients and is an expert on the subject of periodic judgments, including CPLR Articles 50-A and 50-B.

Morris Lener, is Vice President at Creative Capital - Structured Settlements. Morris joined Creative Capital in February 1993. Morris has developed a well-known and highly regarded expertise in the area of Periodic Judgments under New York Civil Practice Law and Rules Articles 50-A and 50-B. Using comprehensive worksheets and knowledge of CPLR Articles 50-A and 50-B, Morris has participated in numerous settlement conferences and seminars for clients throughout New York. In the area of wrongful imprisonment, Morris has assisted in the negotiation and settlement of some of the largest and most prominent cases. 

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