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Partner For Justice
Since 2003

Expect More From Your Structured Settlement Provider.

Our unique approach has been recognized by the Bench & Bar for our unparalleled expertise, experience and ethics. Our focus, preparing you to achieve better settlements, faster, while
providing your clients with a secure financial future is why CCI has been voted the
Best Structured Settlement Provider in NY year after year.

As a founder of our industry and NYSTLA's longest-tenured Structured Settlement Partner, we take pride in having the expertise of our team members called upon to serve as faculty to NYSTLI CLEs, author NYSTLI BOP articles, and serve on the NYSTLA task force dealing with expediting the settlement of wrongful death cases.

Over the history of our partnership with NYSTLA, we have had the privilege to be involved in cases from across the span of its membership and have assisted NYSTLA members in over 7,000 cases.

Providing NYSTLA Members With
Over 40 Years of Expertise in:
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