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Post Settlement Annuities

Sometimes called “Buyers’ Remorse” annuities, this approach allows a plaintiff who did not structure a settlement to obtain a lifetime of guaranteed annuity payments.


SPIA - Single Premium Immediate Annuities

The SPIA provides a guaranteed income for life at higher yields than CDs, bonds and other traditional financial products.


This flexible annuity allows you to pace the use of your money to maximize the amount available, so you avoid living on a smaller income than necessary. 


An income schedule is tailored to meet your financial requirements. Payments can be fixed or have a pre-determined annual COLA and can be designed to meet your present and future needs.


SPIAs provide financial security with:

  • Flexible, easy-to-manage income.

  • Guaranteed income

  • Payments for a guaranteed fixed period, including life.

  • Income that will not run out for retirees.


Estate Planning Life Insurance

Working with estate planning attorneys and CPAs, we provide high net-worth individuals who want to protect their wealth and provide as much as possible for their heirs with sophisticated life insurance solutions.


I.R.C. Section 468(B) Qualified Settlement Funds (QSF)

I.R.C. 468(B) provides an excellent tool that allows plaintiffs in Mass Tort and multi-plaintiff cases to enter into Global Settlements, place the Gross Settlement amount into a QSF, and subsequently devise Structured Settlements (and cash settlements also) for the plaintiffs without defense participation. In such cases, plaintiffs will not be deemed to be in actual or constructive receipt of the settlement funds and, therefore, eligible to structure.

Post S.Annuities
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