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Meet Precision Resolution: Run By Attorneys For Attorneys.

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In partnership with Precision Resolution, Creative Capital is proud to offer the industry’s most cost effective and comprehensive lien negotiation & resolution and Medicare compliance services.


Precision Resolution offers plaintiff’s firms a completely outsourced Medicare compliance solution at an affordable cost. They specialize in conducting and fighting the battle against recovery contractors, collection agents and healthcare administrators who seek to  claim a stake in your clients’ proceeds. In so doing, they’re effectively removing the plaintiff’s attorneys and their staff from the front lines. 


Since 2011, CCI and Precision have put over $100 million dollars back into the pockets of plaintiffs by successfully challenging and eliminating lien claims in single-claimant cases.


Even the discussion of a healthcare lien can bring settlement negotiations to a standstill. That’s why our team of highly specialized attorneys who employ all available strategic lien resolution techniques to ensure a timely, agreeable and equitable result for the plaintiff. 


  • Complete MSP Compliance 

  • Medicare Reporting & Tracking

  • Medicare Lien Resolution

  • Mass Tort & Global Resolution

  • Medicaid Lien Resolution 

  • ERISA Lien Resolution

  • Medicare Advantage Plan Lien Resolution

  • Liability MSA Services

  • Workers’ Comp MSA Services

  • MSA Watchdog: MSA Review Services

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