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CLE For The Bench And Bar

Creative Capital offers CLE programs, seminars and training sessions to trial lawyers, judges, JHOs and mediators on settling cases. Some topics include:

  • How to obtain a better settlement by educating all parties about the defendant's real exposure.

  • How to engage in exposure-based negotiations and avoid need-based negotiations.

  •  How to defer taxation on attorneys' fees, even in cases where the plaintiff does not structure.

  • The use of structured settlement strategies in settling cases.

  • The concept and value of sub-standard medical underwriting and rated ages.

  • The ethical use of structured settlements and CORA.

  • New legislation and the latest cases.

  • Periodic judgment acts.

  • Lien Resolution, Medicare Set-Asides, ERISA, Medicaid and more.

  • Case analysis.

  • Negotiating techniques.

  • The use of structured settlements in non-physical injury cases; including employment litigation;  wrongful conviction/incarceration; attorneys’ fee disputes; commercial litigation; and others.

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